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Our Mission

Protect and Serve Texas is a political action committee (PAC) dedicated to supporting candidates across Texas who support public safety, back law enforcement and first responders, and work to decrease violent crime. Protect and Serve Texas also engages in ballot initiatives where support for law enforcement or first responders is on the ballot. Originally founded to counter the "Defund the Police" movement, Protect and Serve Texas PAC continues to advocate for the brave women and men in our state who put their lives on the line to keep us safe.

Advisory Board


Spokesperson, Austin Police Department, Retired


Treasurer, Arlington Police Department, Active


San Antonio Police Department, Retired

“Protect and Serve Texas is a great organization for citizens to support if they want to help address rising crime, police understaffing, and our skyrocketing crime rates. I’m excited to join their efforts and I look forward to fighting for safer communities all across Austin.”

- Ken Cassaday, former President of the Austin Police Association

"We are proud to have been a part of the launch of Protect and Serve Texas PAC. From the beginning, the PAC has been a tireless advocate for Police, Fire, and EMS. It played a critical role in helping elect one of our officers to public office, and it has a track record of success across the state. When other PACs sit on the fence, Protect and Serve Texas is never afraid to join the fight."

- Lloyd Cook, President, Fort Worth Police Officers Association

"Across the state, radical city council members are sponsoring ballot measures that defund law enforcement and put criminals in charge of cities. We stand with Protect and Serve Texas PAC as they oppose these ballot initiatives and rally voters to the side of law and order."

- Scott Leeton, President, Corpus Christi Police Officers Association

"Violent Crime is on the rise, and law enforcement is under attack from activists who openly advocate for 'de-policing' our cities. Look no farther than Austin to see how that has worked out. We need organizations, like Protect and Serve Texas PAC, who are dedicated to fighting the political fire that hinders our first responders. Protect and Serve Texas PAC reveals to voters which politicians TRULY back the Blue. We are proud to support their efforts."

- Douglas Griffith, President, Houston Police Officers’ Union

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