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Houston has a crime problem. Support Houston first responders and vote for a safer Houston in the runoff December 9th.

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Houston has a Crime Problem

1 in 4 Houston residents reported being the victim of at least one violent crime in the last 10 years. Houston has also experienced increased kidnappings, sexual assaults, and auto thefts—with over 11,000 vehicles stolen this year alone.


Local governments have  failed in their radical experiments to “reprogram” police funds to other programs. Despite continued failures to keep the people of Houston safe, city officials continue to follow the playbook of other crime-ridden cities, with disastrous results.

The Wrong Way to Stop Crime

Supporters of the "Defund the Police" movement are ruthlessly fighting to “reprogram” law enforcement dollars. Some have even gone on record as wanting to ‘abolish’ or ‘eradicate’ police departments entirely.


Supporters of "Defund the Police" continue seeking to limit the critical resources and manpower needed to combat crime in the city. If they are elected to office and allowed to handicap the police department, crime in Houston will only get worse.

“If we’re not safe, nothing else matters.” - John Whitmire

Houston residents have made it clear that crime is their top issue.  John Whitmire is the only candidate in the mayoral race who has shown he will take crime seriously and fully support first responders to keep Houstonians safe.


The Protect and Serve Texas PAC endorses Whitmire for Houston Mayor due to his established track record of supporting law enforcement and first responders. He will not “defund the police” or “reprogram” their funds; instead, he will work alongside them to stop crime on the streets and make sure every Houston resident feels safe.


On his first day as mayor, John Whitmire will prepare to bring in 200 DPS troopers to assist with rising crime, staffing shortages, and speed up 911 call response times. John Whitmire is ready to get to work fighting crime.

Whitmire’s platform is simple: 

  • Bring the Houston police department to suitable staffing levels

  • Keep violent criminals behind bars

  • Crack down on black-market firearms

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